There are two Specified Roles. ONE is that of ASPIRANT and the SECOND is THE GURU.

ROLL OF ABHYASI ( Roll of the Aspirant, who wish to follow the Sahajmarg Raja Yoga System)

Roll of Abhyasi (Aspirant) is -

(PART. A) THEORETICAL  ( A brief note is given bellow for complete process please refer to the Book- Roll of Abhyasi )

                   1. Cultivation of Non - attachment.

(PART.B) PRACTICE ( One should get to acquire the basic knowledge of subject of Theory before PLUNGE into practice)

                   1. MEDITATION ( When we meditate the CENTRAL POWER we have remin in FORCE)

                   2. CLEANING ( Cleaning Process ) : The Progress of Cleaning.
The Progress of cleaning uses the Original of thought in the form of human will for the refinement of individual soul to enable it to 
                     ascend the steep and slippery path of the realisation of the subtlest essence of identity

                   3. PRAYER : Prayer remains the most important and unfailing means of success

What is the Necessity of Meditation ?

Ans : People may ask why it is  necessary to proceed with meditation :
The answer is quite plain and simple. By meditation we gather ourselves at one point
so that our individual mind may leave its mabit of wandering about, which it has formed.
By this practice we set our individual mind on the right path because it is now metamorphosing its habits.
When this is done, our thoughts naturally do not goastray.


                   Thia is to those who wish to take the Devine Path to realise the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

             1. Constant Rememberence :  We must remain in touch with the idea of the Supreme Power/ GOD                   
in all phases of our Mental and Physical activities.

             2. Devotion :  Constant Rememberence acquire efficiency when the ABHYASI (Aspirant) has become 
                 devoted to the Object of Meditation or Constant Rememberence.

             3. Surrender : Self Surrender has great importance for an Abhyasi in his persuite.



New Registration

Our Declaration

We Salute those Senior Abhyasis And Preceptors who are doing their best since 1978  in spreading the "SAHAJ MARG" to their level of understanding.

We want no name - We want to be an action without a form & fame. Through our Guru's will, the desire for Name & Fame has not yet crept into our hearts and we dare to say never will. We are instruments and he is the operator. Through these (A team of dedicated Abhyasis) He - Our Divya Gurudev Babuji Maharaj rousing the Spiritual instint in thousands of "Hearts" on this planet earth.Founder President