Sahaj Marg

The Sahaj Marg Raja Yoga (Meditation) method / system is not to read and understand; Listen and enjoy. It is to be practiced and experienced. The word Darshana means Experience in Sanskrit The Sahajmarg Raja Yoga Dhyana Sadhana aided by Pranahuthiis not merely metaphysical speculation, but has its foundation in immediate perception and is also dynamic. Unlike other systcums which are basically centre fugal from outer to inner sahajmarg is centre (from inner most to outermost) Thus Sahajmarg can be experienced not merely by chosen few intellectuals / Philosppehers / religious) but under proper training by all Humanity

Sahaj Marg

- Natural Path (An easy path for Spiritual Advancement and realisation)

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Sahaj Marg Raja Yoga - Mainly Consists of Three steps

1st Step :

Morning Prayer followed by Meditation - One hour (Not less than 30 min. to start with)
(Ref. Point 1, 2 & 3 in the Ten Maxims)

2nd Step :

Evening cleaning / cleansing Process after completion of days work (before Dinner)

3rd Step :

Before sleep - Bed time Prayer and Meditation for ten minutes. (Ref. Point 10 in Tex maxims)


Chitta Vrutti Nivarana (proper regulation of mind which is ever restless.)

Aim of Yoga :

  • Union with God / Ultimate. "YOGA and BHOGA cannot go together" - Swami Vivekananda
    Nar (Man) - Union with Narayan (GOD)
    Jeeva (Soul) - Union with Eswar (GOD)
    Atman - Unites with Parmatma (GOD)

Raja Yoga - Utilisation of thought power which is predominant in human. This is the governing

principle in Raja Yoga.

The fundamental / primary thing in Yoga is proper regulation of mind which is ever restless.

Raja yoga starts with Meditation so that the Individual mind may leave its habit of wandering about.


Four Yogas :

To name the 4 Yogas :

1.Karma Yoga 2.Bhakti Yoga 3.Jnana Yoga 4.Raja Yoga

Out of Four Yogas - Raja Yoga emerged as best as it can be followed easily by the people of all walks of life.

Method- informationM

-RAJA YOGA is well narrated & established in the form of text by Rushi Patanjali has eight Angas(limbs).


1. Yama 2. Niyama 3. Asana 4. Pranayama
5. Pratya Hara 6. Dharana 7. Dhyana 8. Samadhi

Now we are dealing with Dhyana (Meditation), the Seventh Step in Raja Yoga. Meditation means the continuous flow of thought (mind) towards the designated Goal / Objective continuously but comfortably without concentration. Concentration is not Meditation.



  1. The first one is THE OBJECTIVE (GOAL) on which we wish to reach or achieve.
  2. The second one is THE PLACE AT WHICH we have to meditate.

In Meditation, GOAL (THE OBJECTIVE) on which we meditate upon - The mind flows / flow of thought force is very important rather highest ie. ultimate. In Sahaj Marg Raja Yoga, it is an abstract Goal called Divine / God. Therefore it cannot have any form, name, or attribution & qualities. However, the common notion is that it is just not possible to focus our mind or meditate upon the ABSTRACT.

Hence Master has suggested that the object of Meditation is DIVINE LIGHT WHICH IS IN YOUR HEART. (The exact place is where the Physical Heart Beats) Why not on other points / CHAKRAS? Because our heart is the root / play ground of our mind;

So, in Sahaj Marg Raja Yoga Meditation :

  • The objective (goal) is Divine light.
  • The place of Meditation is heart.

(For more details click for Meditate on Heart) :

SAHAJ MARG RAJA-YOGA MEDITATION is aided by PRANAHUTI TRANSMISSION which is the most wonderful feature of this system. The Divine Master by the application (Transmission) of the original Divine Power / Central Power / Yogic Power / Cosmic Power etc., is not a New Phenomenon but an age old yogic process which was in practice by all our ancient Rushis & Masters.


For example

(1) Lord Krishna has actually transmitted the very conditions (explained by Rushi Veda Vyasa) into the heart of Arjuna producing a permanent effect & literally he felt the same condition prevailing all over.
(2) Lord Buddha when he saw Angulimal (the thief who used to kill any human on sight) became his most important disciple.
(3) Shri Ramakrishna had transmitted to Narendra (later called as Swami Vivekananda) when they met for the first time.

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We Salute those Senior Abhyasis And Preceptors who are doing their best since 1978  in spreading the "SAHAJ MARG" to their level of understanding.

We want no name - We want to be an action without a form & fame. Through our Guru's will, the desire for Name & Fame has not yet crept into our hearts and we dare to say never will. We are instruments and he is the operator. Through these (A team of dedicated Abhyasis) He - Our Divya Gurudev Babuji Maharaj rousing the Spiritual instint in thousands of "Hearts" on this planet earth.Founder President