Morning Prayer followed by meditation - One hour ( Not less than 30minutes to start with)
( Ref Point 1, 2 & 3 in the Ten Maxims ).

  • 1. Meditation is the foundation of spirituality.
  • 2. Meditation is a process of thinking over and over again on a divine aspect so as to form a connecting line of         thought. It aims at gentle diversion of mind towards divine thought.
  • 3. The word "HEART" is used because it is the nucleus and creates the vibrant motion to where it is directed. This is     the field for the mind to work and this is the instrument by which we develop the discriminating faculty. The subtle   force works in this place for the descent of Divine energy. If somehow our thinking joins with it or we train it so that   it may percolate the right thing and direct it towards Reality, the problem is solved.
  • 4. Meditation should not be mechanical. In Meditation alertness and awareness are essential.
  • 5. There is no use of doing meditation for less than 30 minutes. You should show your interest in practice and     increase  it from half an hour to one hour. If you want to attain your goal follow this Marg/Path with sincerity. Don't   combine bhajan mantras and other with this system. If you feel more benefited in them, you practice them alone.
  • 6. When unwelcomed thought arise, think them to be those of the Guru and they go off.


This is our Sahajmarg language and it is only the tip of the ice burg. As you proceed in Sadhana ( Practice) the more information will be provided]

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