Faith: Will and Confedence are the elementare factors which contributes to an easy success in the path of "Sahajmarg Rajayoga System".

Faith is very key element in our daily life, with out faith the human existance is questioned.

[ This is our Sahajmarg language and it is only the tip of the ice burg. As you proceed in Sadhana ( Practice) the more information will be provided]


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Our Declaration

We Salute those Senior Abhyasis And Preceptors who are doing their best since 1978  in spreading the "SAHAJ MARG" to their level of understanding.

We want no name - We want to be an action without a form & fame. Through our Guru's will, the desire for Name & Fame has not yet crept into our hearts and we dare to say never will. We are instruments and he is the operator. Through these (A team of dedicated Abhyasis) He - Our Divya Gurudev Babuji Maharaj rousing the Spiritual instint in thousands of "Hearts" on this planet earth.Founder President