We must remain in touch with the idea of God in all phases of our mental and physical activities.


Constant remembrance of God is, of course, a special feature in spirituality. The method for cultivating constant remembrance is to think with firm conviction during your leisure hours, whether in office or at home, in the street or in the market, that God is pervading all over and everywhere, and that you are thinking of Him. Try to remain in the same thought as long as you can.

The minds of people are absorbed every moment in thinking about the various problems of their material life, and their attention is seldom diverted towards God except when they are in deep distress and misery. The reason is that they attach primary impor¬tance to their worldly interests alone which constantly remain in their view. Thus, they remain entangled within Maya without ever thinking of getting out of it at any stage.

Frequent remembrance of God, though greatly helpful, is not all that we need for our final success in Realisation.

We generally begin an important thing in the name of God and it is customary almost in every religion to do so. But that is only a matter of formality and has no significance. We never dedicate the thing to God in the real sense, and at heart we are, in fact, quite away from the idea of God. Remembrance of God, thus, is of no avail. The real significance of the custom is that we must remain in touch with the idea of God in all phases of our mental and physical activities. We must feel ourselves connected with the Supreme Power every moment with an unbroken chain of thought during all our activities. It can be easily accomplished if we treat all our actions and work to be a part of Divine Duty, entrusted to us by the Great Master whom we are to serve as best as we can. Some people think that constant remembrance, or even frequent remembrance, of God is not practicable when a man in life is surrounded by numerous worries and anxieties caused by worldly attachments and responsibilities. But practice and experience will prove to them that it is a very easy process, and can be followed by any and everyone in spite of all worries and engagements if only they learn to divert their attention towards God in the real sense.

The idea of Guru/Master as the Supreme Divine force is very helpful in spiritual pursuit, if the Guru himself happens to be merged in the Ultimate State of Realisation. You depend upon his guidance thinking him to be a super¬human being. If you go on with your busy routine of life dedicating everything to your Master, imagine what good it will bring to you in the long run. While doing a thing think that you are not doing it for yourself but for your Master; rather think that Master himself is doing it for himself. While at the breakfast table, you must think that your Master is breaking his fast. When you go to the office, think that your Master is doing it all. While returning from the office, suppose you see an attractive dance on the way. Your eyes are caught by the charming appearance of the dancer. Then also think that your Master, and not you, is seeing the dance. You will at once lose curiosity for it because your Master's power will begin to flow in to relieve you of the temptation. When you come back from office, your children rejoice to see you after so many hours. You, too, enjoy the merriment and it is but natural. Your atten¬tion is diverted towards them, for a while, and you feel a bit away from the sacred thought. What you are to do then is to think that your Master within is himself enjoying, and you shall be in touch with the same sacred thought again. If you are chatting with your friend, think that your Master, not you, is talking to him. While walking, think that your Master himself is walking. Even during your medita¬tion, if you entertain the idea that not you but your Master himself is meditating on his own form, it shall bring about excellent results. Similarly, you can adjust yourself in all your routine of work. If you cultivate this feeling and maintain the outlook that your Master is doing everything in your place, you shall not only be in constant remembrance all the while, but your actions will cause no impres¬sion whatsoever, and so you will cease making further Samskaras.

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