Now we take up the second thing, which is the evening cleaning process. It is to be done when our whole day's work is over by using our will force and try to purging out all the grossness, heaviness, darkness and impressions. During the day's activities and thoughts, we accumulate so many impressions. By doing the cleaning when the day's work is over, we try as far as possible to get rid of the above. So essentially, the evening cleaning process is to remove the accumulation of impressions gathered over period of time. The older and deeper accumulation which is more gross-they are not just impressions, they have become grossness-that has to be dealt with by the Master and the preceptors.

The way of doing your cleaning is to sit comfortably for a minimum of half an hour and imagine, with a suggestion to yourself, that all complexities and impurities, including grossness, darkness, etc. are leaving the whole system through the back in the form of smoke & vapour, and do not meditate on those things you want to get rid off; Simply brush them off.

Now the word 'imagine' should not be misunderstood, because it is a very active process in which we are supposed to use our will power. It is therefore, a process where we use our will power to remove our own impressions. In the morning meditation there is no use of the will-power. Please note carefully. The cleaning process involves very specifically our will power.


After removing the inner grossness, complexities etc. it is to be imagined that in their place, "the sacred current of the Divine is entering your Heart."


This is our Sahajmarg language and it is only the tip of the ice burg. As you proceed in Sadhana ( Practice) the more information will be provided]


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