We now come to the third thing : At bed time, feeling the presence of God, repent for the wrongs committed. Beg forgiveness in supplicant mood, resolving not to allow repetition of the same.

The Bedtime Prayer-Meditation at night is a simple thing. We are advised to sit on our beds for about 10 minutes, repeat the prayer a few times and meditate on the meaning of the prayer. This Bed time Prayer Meditation is to be done for 10, 15 or 20 minutes and then you go straight to sleep. It should be the last thing we do before the day is brought to an end.

Thus, even when you are in sleep you are not to waste the time , but to progress spiritually.


This is our Sahajmarg language and it is only the tip of the ice burg. As you proceed in Sadhana ( Practice) the more information will be provided]

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