LOVE admits of no dual loyalties not to speak of multiplicity. It has no room even for the duality of the lover and the beloved.

Everything can be achieved by love. Meditation and other practices are of little importance in comparison to this.

Try to sob and weep in love. If real tears do not come, let them even be artificial and see the result.

Learn to respect your Guru/Master. A true lover does not see anything else except his beloved, and this he thinks to be everything.

True love was that in which one neither knew that he was loved by the Master nor that he was loving the Master.

One should engage oneself in the care and upbringing of the children in such a way that it does not affect one's heart and their love should not result in pain.

We should love all but without feeling attachment towards individuals as such.

True love cannot be expressed by words. This is the very reality, which is inexplicable in any way.

How may it be possible for an abhyasi to advance unto Negation and even beyond that? It may be in the first place by the kind grace of the Master who might himself have attained that state. But for that the abhyasi must develop in himself intense love and devotion, which might induce the Master to bestow His grace. One of the essential things necessary for the achievement of negation is the growth of intense craving amounting to restless impatience, combined with sincere love and devotion. When the feeling of love is there in the heart, restlessness must come in by itself. The difference in degree may not be of much account in this respect since it may grow more and more in course of time. I must assert that God alone is the giver of negation and of all higher approaches beyond that.

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