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Shri Ramchandra Mission of Meditation Yoga and Spirtual Life Society, Visakhapatnam (A.P), India is established as GURUDAKSHINA to The Divine Master Babuji Maharaj (Shri Ramchandraji of Shahjahanpur U.P.) by True followers/Abhyasis without any monetary gains or ulterior motives, nor any fear or favour, and to forge ahead with a SINGLE POINT AGENDA, i.e AIMS & OBJECTIVES OF BABUJI TO REACH THE HUMANITY AT LARGE.

MISSION AIMS & OBJECTIVES : The spiritual upliftment of humanity AT LARGE, to save and guide them along the path of REALITY without any distinction of RELIGION, RACE, NATIONALITY, SEX and SOCIAL STATUS.

Whoever may be the society head "THE ETERNAL PRESIDENT TO THE MISSION REMAINS TO BE SWAMI VIVEKANANDAJI ONLY" (as per BABUJI'S autobiography,which is undisputable TRUTH)

The MISSION is the GROSS Body of Babuji Maharaj, The METHOD is His SUBTLER Body and the SOUL is the MASTER Himself.

In Religion (Matha) & Mathas (like Shankar Mathas, Ramanuj Mathas etc) you find Living MASTERS/GURUS to ensure the religious practices down the line, whereas the Spiritual Path (System) holds only ONE MASTER/GURU from the beginning till eternity. As you don't find Lord Krishna I & Lord Krishna II or Buddha I and Buddha II; even Swami Vivekananda is known to the entire world but his GURU/MASTER Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is less known; but none the less he is still his GURU/MASTER.

Hence Babuji Maharaj (Shri Ramchandraji of Shahjahanpur (UP) remains as MASTER/GURU for ever.

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