Physical & Mental Obstacles:

Sickness, Mental laziness, Doubt, Lack of enthusiasm, Sloth, Craving for sense pleasures, False Perception and despair caused by failure to concentrate and unsteadiness in Concentration; these distractions are the obstacles to Knowledge and are accompanied by grief, despondency, trembling and irregular breathing; they can be removed by the meditation on the Absolute Truth (Divinity).

Blessed are those persons who do not read newspapers but read nature.

Prejudice is the name of weakness of the heart. Whosoever has this weakness, think that he has left the region of the heart and his progress is completely blocked.

The habit of looking to the defects of others indicates that there is the seed of that defect in one's own self, and when a reflection is cast on it; the defects of others come to his knowledge.

Faultfinding is a defect which also causes misery to oneself; one should give up this habit, because once habit is formed it develops into a defect.

There is tremendous power in thought. Even the formation of a small thought works havoc. If the mind is turned instinctively towards evil, form a good thought at once, so that there is a balance.

Taking interest in a particular thing is harmful for spirituality. One imbibes the effects according to one's thoughts, and imparts power to them to that extent.

Fickle-mindedness is an obstacle on the way to success. Old habits should vanish. Create those conditions by which success become quick.

It is very difficult to escape spotless from the world. He alone is the man who turns his sentiments towards God.

It is sinful to hear ugly talk. If such talk which ought not to be heard goes on in a congregation, it is better to quit that place. The best sacrifice is to have pure thought.

If you are spiritually thirsty you will run for spirituality like a thirsty man runs for water.

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