I REQUIRE LIONS, NOT SHEEPS - (Lalaji) and he orally told some gentleman that "I have admitted even sheep in my satsang for courtesy's sake"

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Truthfulness and obedience are identifications of a true Abhyasi.


The minimum required for an abhyasi is regularity in practice; otherwise there can be no progress. Interest in meditation is necessary. We should adhere to one and only one principle. We should come into contact with the Subtlest Being.

Do everything but with God.

Unless you yield yourself to the Divine, Divine does not mould itself into your pattern.

Nature's work is such that those who are unfit are left out.

Divinity does not prepare a person. Whatever defects or impediments are there, these can be removed by a Master or Guru. God gives simply what is due.

Everything though of a true abhyasi will be synonymous with that of the Master. He will never turn towards anything that is against the Divine Will. His mind will always be directed towards that which is the Master's Command.


There must be one thought, one subject and one pursuit in view, and that must be related with the Divine. That is the type of man I wish everyone to develop in himself. It is only then that one may perhaps be able to have a view of THAT which he craves for.


I expect only cooperation from an abhyasi.

All my period of Abhyas passed on in painful restlessness in place of Peace and calmness, which everybody craves for. I had that pain, longing, craving or restlessness, as one may be pleased to call it, so dear to my heart that for it I could sacrifice even thousands of lives of mine.BABUJI.

Whatever thought, worry or anxiety is present in the abhyasi is reflected in the Master and causes restlessness in Him, whereby inviting transmission to the abhyasi.

The abhyasi must develop in himself an intense love and devotion, which must induce the Master to bestow his grace.

Doing is the duty of the preceptor; becoming is the duty of the abhyasi.

An archer can never hit the mark unless his attention is fixed on it. An abhyasi needs to be like the archer and keep his attention ever fixed on the goal.

There must be a true cooperation from the abhyasi, which will cause the Guru to take him on and on. The abhyasi must therefore develop intense devotion and faith.

The wonder is that we expect everything from God, but we don't deserve them.

Everyone is familiar with the principle of telegraphy. When one end is connected to electricity, the message is immediately carried over to the other end. Similar is the case with the devotee, who makes himself known to the Master by the current of his own (devotional) power.

All acts should be done as God's trust and this in itself becomes worship.

Develop affection with satsanghi brethren and sweetness and elegance in day-to-day talk and behavior. Behavior towards them should be pleasing and conducive to their progress. Direct opposition is very bad.

Etiquette is necessary everywhere. To submit to the will of God is human etiquette. It is the very basis of devotion. One should consider oneself as a devotee and Him as the object of his worship.

Be bold enough to make up your mind for anything. Step in with a strong will and your success will be sure.

It is very difficult to escape spotless from the world. He alone is the man who turns his sentiments towards God.

Our efforts should never go in vain. Drops, if continuously fall, river is the result. So we should not care for anything but do the work without minding the results.

The wonder is that we expect everything from God, but we don't even try to deserve it.

To bow down before then Master without bowing the head, is the real namaskar.

The following qualities are undesirable in the abhyasis or in those intent to become abhyasi in our mission.

  • Baser ambitions
  • Absence of higher spiritual values
  • Views and values below human level


They should first be understood with full devotion and sincerity and then implement and practiced, thus rendering service to ourselves, the mission and to humanity in large.


One should be polite and humble. Cool and calm disposition alone is required for spirituality. The heart is so tender that it begins to droop even by the slightest circulation of the wind.


Powers are given to him who is cool and calculated by temperament.

It is necessary to think a fellow abhyasi to be one's own brother, and to treat him as such. One should try to share his difficulties and serve him as best as one can.

I have stated that most often people enter the Master's sphere having with them all their belongings, causing thereby considerable delay. Belongings are the things of their own creations, which they are deeply engrossed in.

The glory of God reflects only in the heart, which is pure like mirror.

mind is the only instrument for realization. Brain is the sphere of mind. mind discovers and the heart verifies. mind and heart are thus two very wonderful Divine Instruments.

One thought of Master should be taken up and strengthened. Useless talk should be stopped. Foolish discourses should be avoided. Reading novels should be given up. The heart should not be soiled with love for trifles.

When the dirt in the thoughts is washed out and a pure condition prevails, then animality ends.

Treat equally your friend and foe; that is wish both of them well. Tolerate even if one utters a thousand curses on you. Do not fear. Master is always with you under all circumstances.

It is sinful to hear ugly talk. If such talk which ought not to be heard, goes on in a congregation, it is better to quit that place. The best sacrifice is to have pure thought.

It is not very difficult to be free from doubts. Come towards certainty and you will see that the doubts are dispelled. It is only a habit with no foundation, which can easily be shaken off.

Thinking develops when a man gathers himself at one point and becomes used to it.

When I was there thou were not, now thou are there I am not. The Love lane is very narrow and cannot contain two ( I & thou) - Such is the part of Love. Love admits of no dual loyalties not to speak of multiplicity.

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